A new video from British media shows that Kate is in good condition. Supporters of the royal family: It’s time to move forward

On March 18th local time, Queen Kate of England, who had not appeared publicly in the past three months, made her first appearance in a video after being exposed to light surgery. Kate and William were chatting and laughing while shopping, and it looked like they were recovering very well.

Nelson Silva, a 40 year old local man, told The Sun that last Saturday morning it was sunny and he happened to see the Kate couple walking in from the Windsor Farm Shop, 1.5 kilometers away from the Adelaide residence.
British media reported that William and Kate joined the metaphor activity with three men on Sunday morning. The newspaper version of The Sun only stopped reporting on this, while American media TMZ and The Sun’s website released irrelevant videos or photos of Kate’s appearance.
In the video, it is portrayed that Kate is dressed in a dark outdoor outfit, chatting with William beside her, with a tight and agile demeanor. From Nelson Silva’s perspective, the couple did not deliberately conceal themselves, and Kate also enjoyed the shopping experience. The people around didn’t disturb them either. Silva shared the video with her family and said Kate is just like an ordinary person.
TMZ determined through technique that the man in the picture is 100% Kate herself. TMZ is a entertainment news website under AOL, founded 20 years ago. However, Reuters did not receive a response from the residents of Kensington Palace, where William and his wife were involved in the war, as well as from relevant markets.
According to the original plan of the royal family, Kate will not return to work until after Easter on March 31st, which could be in mid April, when she will reveal her health status to the public. In addition, to fill the gap in the previous Mother’s Day photo, she will announce a new family portrait on her youngest son Louis’s 6th birthday (April 23).
Kate’s last public statement was on Christmas in previous years. In January of this year, at the age of 42, she refused abdominal surgery and refused a two-week treatment at a private hospital in London before returning to her residence in Adelaide for recuperation.
At the same time, predictions about her health, the safety of her descendants, and William’s rumored romantic relationship with Rose Hanbury have had a significant impact on social media such as TikTok.
A knowledgeable person revealed that she has been accompanying three descendants to school and sometimes cooking for her family, so she has no time to socialize and be enthusiastic. Kate’s spokesperson previously stated that she has recovered smoothly and also requested the media to disregard her insincerity, as the public will only release news when there is a significant pause.
After Kate’s latest public statement, supporters of the British royal family on social media platform X wrote, “Kate is living well, rumors are false, and it’s time to look forward.”.


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