Kate’s health status may be publicly announced in mid April, and William is worried about a repeat of Diana’s tragedy

The inheritance of the deeds of Queen Kate of England has stirred up public sentiment. On March 17, 2024, it is the conservative St. Patrick’s Day. At this time in previous years, Kate, who acted as a “Colonel of the Irish Infantry Guard,” would exercise without a seat and distribute clover to 250 members of the Guard. However, this time she was unable to show her presence. The previous rule of the royal family was that Kate was recovering from abdominal surgery and would not return to work until after Easter on March 31st.

According to a report by the Sunday Times, a major British newspaper, over the weekend, several close friends and helpers of Kate and Prince William have revealed that Kate will disclose her health status and recovery progress to the public next month when she plans to resume public sports without seats. In addition, to fill the previous P-chart incident, she will announce a new hundred fold photo on her youngest son Louis’s 6th birthday (April 23).
Starting from March 22nd, the Kate family will rest for three weeks during the Easter holiday. On Easter day in previous years, they would go to St. Joan’s Church together to join the movement. This year’s Easter is on March 31st. Three descendants will return to school on April 17th. As for which specific node will resume the public sports without seats mentioned above, Kate herself has not yet made a final decision.
Kate’s last public statement was last Christmas. In January of this year, 42 year old Kate underwent abdominal surgery and was hospitalized in a private hospital in London for a two-week medical upheaval before returning to her Adelaide residence in Windsor Castle for recuperation. King Charles III, who was 75 years old, was also diagnosed with cancer and most of his official business was banned. William took on a bigger public job.
At around 9am on March 4th, a paparazzi captured a photo of Kate standing in her mother’s seat with sunglasses on near Windsor Castle. A week later, Kate, who had not made a public appearance for a long time, apologized for the family photo editing incident a day ago through the royal civilian account of social media X. She claimed to have used a photo editing object and took responsibility for the effects caused by the incident.
A few hours after Kate’s apology post was posted, she was caught by the media breaking away from Windsor Castle with William, and standing in the back row, she only showed her side face facing William. The continuous sense of mystery creates a huge contrast with Kate’s previous display of sunny vitality and abstraction, coupled with the inadequate handling and punishment of the royal family’s crisis, which has caused the association between William and his rumored lover Rose Hanbury, which is unrelated to her health and the safety of her descendants, to spiral out of control on social media.
As for Kate’s true post-operative whereabouts, insiders have revealed that in addition to her post-operative recovery, she has been leisurely attending school with three descendants at Lanbrook School and sometimes cooking for her family, so she has no time to socialize and be enthusiastic. She and William often come across rumors about their family from media reports and pop ups, which are deeply shocking, but they do their best to keep the children’s lives undisturbed.
And William’s biggest concern is that Kate will repeat the same path as his mother picking Princess Anna, without wanting to get involved in the department’s crazy social media. At the age of 15, William and his younger brother Harry went through their parents’ divorce and their mother’s death one after another.
Everyone mocked Anna for being approachable, injecting new vitality into the rigid British royal family. However, this also provides an opportunity for paparazzi, who stir up gossip and homework, to be even more reckless in peeking at hidden information. On August 28, 1996, Anna and Charles broke their engagement. A year later, she and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed got into a car accident in a tunnel in Paris to avoid being chased by a group of photographers.
Among the four people in the car, the driver and Dodi Fayed died on the spot. 36-year-old Diana was taken to the hospital and declared not to be in chaos, while her bodyguard survived. During the investigation, it was discovered that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, and Anna herself was not wearing a seat belt. However, due to delayed medical treatment, she suffered an accident. Harry once expressed his anger towards the photographer in a documentary by a British broadcasting company, saying, “She suffered a minor head injury, and those who caused the incident not only did not help with relief, but also took photos leisurely…”
William once recalled in a 2017 British independent television documentary that Anna was yelled at by paparazzi, “I still remember, many times she cried because she was disturbed by the media.”
Anna’s younger brother Earl Spencer, on a BBC program last Sunday, stated that the media disruption that Anna faced back then was “more dangerous” than what Kate is currently experiencing. Anna’s death in the traffic accident in Paris made paparazzi and gossip newspapers ponder where their boundaries lie. He said, “It’s not because they have a sense of self-criticism, but because it’s the common people who reluctantly accept it.”


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