AI generation? Amateur P chart? The British royal family continues to face a crisis of trust

On March 11, 2024, Queen Kate of England, who had not been publicly available for a long time, apologized on social media platform X for the recent family photo editing incident, stating that she had used a type of image editing object and was responsible for the effects of the incident.

On the evening of the 11th, Kate and her husband William took a ride out of Windsor Castle. The Kensington Palace, where William and his wife are located, announced that William will join the annual Commonwealth Day movement at Westminster Abbey in London, while Kate will join a private meeting.
On January 17th this year, 42 year old Kate refused abdominal surgery and is scheduled to officially return to official sports after Easter at the end of March. Meanwhile, King Charles III was also diagnosed with cancer. The British royal family has fallen into a continuous and tense external pressure.
Under the instigation of self media and paparazzi, conspiracy theorists and royal review groups quickly filled the discourse vacuum: Kate’s recovery team was too small, and she failed to lose good care, falling into a continuous coma and unable to appear due to plastic surgery
On March 10th, two months after the surgery, on Mother’s Day in the UK, Kate and William’s X folk account published recent photos of her and three descendants in an attempt to combat various rumors. In the photo, Kate extends her arms around Charlotte and Louis, while George stands behind her.
Unexpectedly, this move has attracted more controversy. The sharp eyed internet official noticed that Kate had not taken off her wedding or engagement ring on her left hand, and the fingers holding Charlotte’s waist were very unnatural. Some users also think that this looks like AI born: has the UK lawn been so green in March?
Kate responded in the latest statement: Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally test the construction, but she does not specifically explain for what purpose, what modifications were made, or what objects were applied.
Stop publishing, this Latin article with images has not been briefly punished. Kate’s new explanation is also seen as a new source of glory for the royal family. TikTok users inherit the idea of analyzing Kate’s P image: to release a happy family photo, which can ensure Kate’s perfect abstract representation after plastic surgery.
USA Today even approached the royal family and the high-profile family of American socialite Catherine, stating that celebrities often manipulate their promotional images and create exaggerated effects for marketing purposes.
Sky News in the UK analyzed through techniques: the filming location was in Windsor Castle, and the specific shooting time is unknown. The camera used was Canon’s, and the Adobe Photoshop software on the Apple desktop stopped retaining it twice. The controlled time was last Friday evening and last Saturday morning, respectively.
TikTok user Allyn Aston has been keeping an eye on the royal family’s movements, pointing out that it can be inferred from the detachment of the three descendants that this was filmed in November last year. At that time, the family joined the public welfare movement at Baby Bank in Maidenhead. Blogger Jennifer Taylor Skinner is more concerned about the personal status of the queen: What situation made Kate helpless to stand up and take a good photo?
Serious media has explored digital editing objects and AI trends. Paris Martineau, a member of Silicon Valley technology media “Information”, predicts that Kate is a user of Adobe Cloud Services, and she treats and punishes public unrest while recovering after surgery, which is very encouraging for the population.
American singer Swift has been plagued by AI’s innate indecency, which has continuously triggered concerns. But Ramesh Raskar, an assistant professor at the MIT Media Laboratory, analyzed that the errors and omissions in this image are relatively basic, unlike those inherent in AI, but more like wild images pieced together through third-party software.
Anyway, the controversy surrounding the P chart and the lack of transparency in the information afterwards have raised new doubts about the credibility of the British royal family, damaging their trust with media agencies.
One of the objects of promotion for the action royal family, William and his wife’s social media account often publishes abstract family photos of their relatives and officials, which are also widely used by serious media in Europe and America. But after the release of this photo, the Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France Presse, and Getty Images believed that it had been overly polished and did not meet the true scale of recorded news, so they did not publish or publish it. CNN stated that it will carefully evaluate the information released by the royal family.
The Royal Review Group will naturally not miss out on good opportunities. Omid Scobie, a biographer of the British royal family, believed that the P-chart storm confirmed that it was becoming increasingly difficult for the public to trust every word and every image of the royal family, and it was almost impossible to turn the situation around.
The annual Commonwealth Day celebration has also been overshadowed by anxiety. With Charles III attending official business due to illness, William, Queen Camilla, and other senior members of the royal family joined the celebration at Westminster Abbey on Monday evening.
And members of anti monarchist groups such as the “Republic” held up slogans outside Westminster Abbey that read “Down with the Royal Family.”. The CEO of the Republic, Graham Smith, and others even criticized the royal family for Sky News.


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